Issues when connecting to MySql over ssh

I love DigitalOcean droplets.

They are so easy to setup.
Whenever I have a new project that I want to run on a different server – It’s a matter of minutes before I have a lamp server up and running.

For many times, Once the lamp stack is was ready, and I was able to login via SSH using my private key, I was having difficulties connecting to the MySql DB using MySql workbench. I kept getting an error message saying that
the authentication method is not supported.

MySql Workbench Error message

The solution:

After searching the web for a few hours I’ve found the solution that was quite under the lamp.
All I had to do is to load the private key file into Putty Key Generator and choose Export OpenSSH key from
the conversions menu.

After doing so and using the new private key – The connection was successful.

Save time on user interface development

Every once in a while a need to develop some solution that requires a user interface.

When I was young and fresh – I’ve used to build everything on my own, but as I grew and started to focus on the server side I’ve understood that I am wasting too much time on developing the front end.

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Change PHP versions in ubuntu

Sometimes you want to change the PHP version on your server.

If you have a control panel then it is easy as a click of a button,
but if you are managing your server from the command line, then it as easy as 2 commands.

For this post, we will switch between PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.0.

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Slim Framework – The easy way to write REST API

Frameworks a known for many years in the development world, and especially in PHP.

Many times we are required to write a quick solution for REST API service.
Slim is a light and easy to use framework that once installed can be turned into a RESTful API very quickly.

you can install Slim using composer

composer require slim/slim "^3.0"

After installed require the autoload and you are good to go.

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Https on DigitalOcean WordPress droplet using cloudflare

I was trying to setup a new WordPress on a DigitalOcean One-Click droplet and adding an SSL to it using CloudFlare.

Since the droplet didn’t support the SSL from scratch, I was trying first to add Let’s Encrypt SSL to my droplet with certbot.

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